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Through a strategic partnership we're on the leading-edge of Charitable Gift Annuity research

& now offer practical solutions for challenges faced by today's nonprofit organizations.

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Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Giving Resource Center (CGRC), along with its strategic partners National Gift Annuity Foundation, CTAC and Sherpa Investment Management is pleased to provide a turn-key CGA solution for nonprofits of all sizes. The Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions™ Program helps eliminate the administrative details and hassles of offering Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs). More importantly for nonprofits who either have never been able to meet the requirements for offering CGA's or had planned giving staff to discuss this very valuable tool, can now find themselves on a level playing field with other nonprofits in this area for any of your donors regardless of where they live in the United States! Call today to find out how you can get started with this no fee, no contract program!  We can be reached at 888-925-6555 or

Gift Annuity Risk Management Audits

We now offer asset/liability matching analysis on entire CGA pools and provide findings and

comprehensive recommendations back to your nonprofit.

Gift Annuity Reinsurance

Analyze when, if and what amount of reinsurance is appropriate for your Charitable Gift Annuities

and then design and place reinsurance contracts.

To learn more about this services or other services of Charitable Giving Resource Center contact 

Elaine Appleby at or toll free 888.925.6555 ext. 0777 

Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions