Program Details

The Endowment Creation Program is one of our turnkey gift planning programs dedicated to serving nonprofits of all sizes and in all phases of planned giving. Many nonprofits have not created an Endowment for their organization because they did not know where to start. If you are a nonprofit thinking about creating an Endowment for your organization, this program could be helpful to you!

Program Deliverables

  • Creation of By Laws for your Endowment Fund 
    To structure an Endowment Fund for your organization it is important to develop rules and guidelines by which your Endowment Fund will operate, even though it is not a separate entity.  This may include the establishment of an Endowment Committee that will report to the Governing Board of your organization with recommendations for grants to be made from the Endowment Fund, as well guidelines for the day to day operation of the Fund.
  • Creation of a Gift Acceptance Policy for your Endowment Fund
    To have a system for evaluation what types of gifts your Fund will accept it is important to have a written Policy that outlines what types of assets will and will not be accepted by your Fund.
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement 
    When your Endowment Fund becomes large enough (>$100,000) it will be important that you clearly articulate to potential investment advisors the parameters for any portfolio designs that will meet the needs of your Endowment Fund.  A properly drawn Investment Policy Statement (IPS) provides those parameters in terms the Investment Advisors will clearly understand and be held accountable to.
  • Creation of a Request For Proposal (RFP) for investment management
    ​In order to assist you in seeking proposals from professional Investment Advisory Firms, we will help you design the RFP to be sent out requesting proposals for your Committee’s review.

Program Fees

The fee for all four segments of the Endowment Creation Program is $3,500.

Endowment Creation Program