This two-part donor education program features Exclusive Briefings for selected donor groups and

Private Consultations with individual donors. PEP is designed to motivate donors to think about

their own planning process and identify specific Planned Giving opportunities for themselves.

The Benefit
We will deliver planned gift conversations to your donors on behalf of your organization while still providing

your donors the privacy and control they desire. This four-program series will push your planned giving

program into a forward motion.

Your Role
Follow the turn-key process. Gather your select donors together to listen to the planned giving message and then encourage them to discuss their personal situation in a private consultation with a planned giving professional.

The Message
A 45-minute presentation is conducted for a group of up-to-thirty or more individuals and/or couples of similar wealth. Exclusive Briefings show your donors how to:

  • Increase Their Income ~ Reduce Their Taxes ~ Empower Their Families
  • Perpetuate Their Values ~ Prosper Their Community

Personal Consultations
A complimentary, personal and confidential meeting is subsequently conducted with each donor to

explore their current plans and future philanthropic interests, giving them direction to take their

professional advice for improving their plans.

Donor Actions
Donors take one or both of the following actions:

  • Donor takes specific recommendations back to current advisor(s).
  • Donor implements specific tactical solution directly with charity.

Planning for Effective Philanthropy

Planning for Effective Philanthropy

The Opportunity
Our process enables you to provide a gift to your donors and potential donors. Your gift of a complimentary, personal and confidential consultation can help your major donors:

  • Define their attitudes about wealth and how it should be used.
  • Discover how much is really enough to maintain their own standard of living until death.
  • Determine how much is prudent to leave to their heirs.
  • How to incorporate their Core Values into their financial and estate plans using their professional advisor.
  • Decide how they wish to be remembered after their passing.