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Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Giving Resource Center (CGRC), along with its strategic partners National Gift Annuity Foundation and Sherpa Investment Management is pleased to provide a turn-key CGA solution for nonprofits of all sizes. The Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions™ Program helps eliminate the administrative details and hassles of offering Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs). More importantly for nonprofits who either have never been able to meet the requirements for offering CGA's or had planned giving staff to discuss this very valuable tool, can now find themselves on a level playing field with other nonprofits in this area for any of your donors regardless of where they live in the United States!


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Giving with Purpose

Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions Program

Planning for effective philanthropy 


Without expertise in philanthropic planning many donors procrastinate in creating an impactful giving plan, even if they would like to leave a lasting legacy and experience financial benefits! With our Advisor On-Call Program, we assist your nonprofit and your donors in helping to implement the appropriate gift which best fits their circumstances.

Advisor on Call

​Planning for Effective Philanthropy 

An eye-opening presentation designed to educate your donors about gifting techniques using, other than cash, the top three gift planning tools easiest to implement.

This presentation is a simple first step to begin or jump-start your gift planning program.

This two-part donor education program features Exclusive Briefings for selected donor groups and Private Consultations with individual donors. PEP is designed to motivate donors to think about their own planning process and identify specific Planned Giving opportunities for themselves.